Front view of Wave's Edge Complex
Case Study

Elevator Connectivity Enhancement: Waves Edge Complex Solution


Waves Edge

Installation Type:

In-Building Signal Booster Solution

Building Size:

24 566 m²

Innovative Cellular Signal Boosting Solution for Elevator Communication

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Waves Edge Complex Outside

The Problem

Building owners with elevators commonly encounter difficulties in obtaining signals within their elevators due to the materials used in construction, such as bricks and steel, which can obstruct signal transmission. However, for safety and security purposes, it's crucial to have intercoms installed within elevators for emergencies or power outages. Guests must be able to reach the outside world promptly during emergencies. To achieve this, a strong signal inside the elevator is essential so that the intercom system's sim card can connect quickly to the call centre.

Waves Edge Body Corporate promptly notified Bolton Technical about the insufficient signal reception within their complex's elevator systems. They required the installation of a GSM connection as the initial measure to enhance guest safety, followed by the implementation of an intercom system. The urgency of the situation became evident as occupants faced challenges contacting security or emergency services during load shedding events, emphasizing the persistent signal issues affecting the property.

Challenges Faced: Given the unique challenges posed by this project, our team of experts had to carefully consider various factors. Building materials, particularly steel, presented a significant obstacle to signal penetration into the elevator shafts. Additionally, compliance with laws and elevator legislation influenced the placement of the solution, necessitating meticulous planning and strategic implementation.

Waves Edge Elevator

The Solution

Pre-Installation Analysis: Our team of technical experts meticulously conducted a comprehensive site survey to thoroughly understand the specific requirements of the six elevators necessitating cellular signal enhancement. This involved a detailed inspection of the entire area where the elevators are situated, considering factors such as building materials that can obstruct signals and weaken cellphone reception within each elevator.

Drawing from their in-depth findings and analysis, the team recommended the WilsonPro A500 Signal Booster as the optimal solution. This choice was influenced by the amplifier's established reputation as the preferred booster for homes and small offices, offering extensive coverage for 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE signals across all major networks, including MTN, Cell C, Vodacom, and selected Telkom bands. 

Installation Design: Our installation strategy of comprised two solutions emphasizing safety and effectiveness. Initially, to mitigate risks associated with cable laying, we positioned equipment outside the elevator shaft.

The initial priority was to establish signal access within the elevator shaft. Consequently, the first step involved installing a relay solution to collect and transmit the signal into and down the elevator shaft. Following this, an omni-directional donor antenna was utilized to efficiently capture the signal, which was then transmitted to both an A500 amplifier and a wall-mount panel as the transmitter antenna.

Elevator Shaft Solution

The subsequent step focused on transferring the signal from the elevator shaft into the elevator cart. This entailed strategically placing a wall-mount panel atop the elevator cart to act as the donor antenna for capturing signals within the shaft. Once received, the signal was amplified by an A500 amplifier fixed outside the elevator cart and transmitted to a carefully positioned wall-mounted panel inside the elevator cart, effectively relaying the signal into the cart.

Elevator Cart Solution

The Result

The installation of our signal-boosting solution is a big step forward in tackling the ongoing signal problems Waves Edge has been dealing with in their elevators. Through careful placement of Omni-Directional donor antennas, wall-Mount panels, A500 amplifiers, and guiding boosted signals within the elevator shafts, we've managed to improve signal strength and coverage inside of the elevator cart ensuring that guests will be able to communicate with the outside world once the intercoms are installed.

RF Readings Before

RF Readings After

The effectiveness of our solution is evidenced by the substantial improvement in signal readings. Prior to installation, signal readings ranged from -121dB to -108dB, whereas post-installation readings now range from -90dB to -64dB. This remarkable enhancement signifies a notable improvement in communication reliability and accessibility for occupants, particularly during critical situations such as load shedding events.

Moving forward, the positive impact of our signal boosting solution will echo throughout Waves Edge's property, enhancing guest safety and comfort while fostering a seamless communication experience within the complex's elevators. As a trusted partner, Bolton Technical remains committed to providing innovative solutions that elevate the operational efficiency and overall experience for our clients.