Cell phone signal booster
solutions for Offices

Cell phone signal booster
solutions for Offices

USA's No.1 Cell Phone Signal Booster

  • Works with all South African Service Providers:

Solutions for Offices and Commercial Buildings.

Today even the strongest cell signals have trouble finding their way through the concrete, stoneworkm brick, insulation, coated glass and metal used to construct modern energy efficient home, offices, retail and other buildings.

Wilson Pro cell signal boosters take the available signal outside your building, bring that signal inside, amplify it, and then distribute the amplified signal throughout the building, assuring strong, reliable cell coverage wherever and whenever your customers need it.

No more annoying dropped calls, poor call quality & slow Internet!

The WilsonPro A1000 (50 Ohm) from Wilson Electronics is the most popular commercial cell phone signal boosters we currently offer. it features automatic gain control with a self-optimizing design for easy installation & maintenance

  • ICASA APPROVED. Boosts 4G LTE and 3G for any building up to 1,000m2.
  • Works for all phone & carriers MTN, Cell C, Vodacom and Telkom.
  • Complete kit: all parts included. Installation available.
  • Most popular commercial office booster.
  • Better talk, text & onternet guaranteed.

How a WilsonPro Signal Booster Works Watch Video: How WilsonPro works

WilsonPro cell phone boosters work by pulling in weak signal, boosting it, and then rebroadcasting it inside your area in need.

Read the complete blog on How Signal Boosters Work.

Signal boosters are made up of a three-part system:

  • The Outside Antenna to capture weak cell signal.
  • The Amplifier to boost the weak signal.
  • The Inside Antenna to rebroadcast the enhanced signal inside your home or car.
    Outside Antenna
    Pulls in Tower Signal
    Signal Booster
    Amplifies the Signal
    Inside Antenna(s)
    Re-broadcasts Signal
    Cell Phone
    Gets Boosted Signal

    WilsonPro Features & Benefits

    Works With All
    Works With All
    Uplink and Downlink
    Not Recurring
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