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Installation Type:

In-Building Signal Booster Solution

Building Size:

Average Store Size 1000m²

Signal Success: Enhancing Cellular Signals One Store At A Time

Welcome to the world of Checkers, an FMCG retailer owned by Shoprite, operating in Southern Africa with over 250 nationwide locations targeting the middle-to-higher income market segment, which prioritizes convenience, quality, and freshness. With an average branch size of 1000m², Checkers encompasses three distinct store formats: supermarkets, smaller-format convenience stores, and large-format hyper stores, each catering to diverse customer needs. Notably, the brand offers an award-winning grocery delivery service, reflecting its commitment to convenience and customer satisfaction.

Checkers Supermarkets: Checkers Supermarkets stores, cater to South Africa's higher-income customers, who seek value without compromising on quality.

Checkers Hyper: Checkers Hyper stores, strategically located in densely populated areas, provide a wider range of products targeting upper-income groups.

Checkers Foods: Inspired by customer demand, Checkers Foods stores introduces a smaller format store with an expanded fresh food offering and solution-based convenience ranges tailored to specific needs like lunch, braai, or emergency purchases.


The Problem

Various Checkers stores encountered significant cellular signal connectivity issues within their stores. These connectivity issues disrupted critical operations such as customer cellphone payments at the till-points, the functionality of the Sixty-60 app for in-store order fulfillment, and the overall customer connectivity experience. The lack of reliable cellular signals posed a significant challenge to Checkers' efficiency and customer satisfaction.

 Checkers Sixty60 bikes

The Solution

To address these challenges, Checkers IT Engineers and Field Support Team, and Store Managers reached out to us for our expertise in cellular signal-boosting solutions. Our site survey specialist team conducted a comprehensive assessment of each store to identify and resolve connectivity issues.

Site Survey: Our Site Survey Specialist team conducted detailed site surveys at each store to assess the existing signal strength and identify optimal locations for equipment installation. Using advanced tools such as the Siretta signal meter, they pinpointed all usable cell phone towers in the vicinity.

Equipment Installation: 

1. Donor Antennas: To capture the external signal on the Rooftops, the team installed a combination of The Arrow LPDA and Omni 292 antennas on the rooftop. This combination provides comprehensive cellular signal coverage.

Rooftop Antennas


2. Signal Boosters: The WilsonPro A1000 Cell Phone Signal Boosters were installed to cover the Back and Front ends the store. 

Signal Booster


3. Broadcasting Antennas: A combination of wall-mount panel and dome antennas were installed across the stores to effectively transmit and distribute the signal consistently across the targeted areas.

Transmitter antennas


In some stores, the colour of the internal broadcasting antennas was also altered to match the store's colour scheme and help them blend in. 

The Results

The impact of the solution was immediate and substantial:

Signal Improvement: Prior to installation, the signal strength was inadequate, with undetectable 2G and weak 3G and 4G signals. Post-implementation, there was a significant improvement in signal strength, enabling seamless operation of till-points and the Sixty-60 app.

Operational Efficiency: The enhanced connectivity facilitated smooth till-point transactions and streamlined the functionality of the Sixty-60 app for in-store order packing and dispatching.

Business Performance: The successful implementation of the solution played a pivotal role in launching Checkers Sixty60 in stores, contributing to a 20% increase in the store's top-line performance.

Testimonial: Roscoe Muller, Service Delivery Manager - IT Field Services at Shoprite Checkers, expressed satisfaction with Bolton Technical's service and solution, affirming the positive impact on operational efficiency and customer experience.

Checkers Sixty60 packer

Our team has successfully addressed the cellular signal connectivity challenges faced by several Checkers stores across South Africa. By implementing our signal-boosting solution and strategically installing a combination of high-performing antennas, Checkers stores now enjoy reliable and robust cellular signal coverage. This solution has not only facilitated seamless operations till points and enhanced the functionality of the Sixty60 in-store order fulfillment but has also significantly improved the overall customer connectivity experience. With stronger cellular signals, Checkers can confidently serve its customers while ensuring efficient operations and customer satisfaction. The successful implementation of this solution underscores Checkers' commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, further solidifying its position as a leading retailer in South Africa. Moving forward, Checkers remains dedicated to delivering exceptional shopping experiences while leveraging cutting-edge technologies to meet the evolving needs of its customers.


"My Team is very happy with the service and solution you have provided."

-Roscoe Muller, Service Delivery Manager - IT Field Services, Shoprite