Vehicle Antennas

Vehicle cellular antennas are designed to boost your existing cell phone signal inside your car, bakkie, truck or boat. A cell phone signal booster can take a weak existing cell phone signal, boost it, and provide you with great cell signal in any vehicle. Our Antennas are high-gain, low-pim rated quality.

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  • Designed as a vehicle exterior antenna.
  • Works with 50 Ohm amplifiers and accessories.
  • Magnet-mount, removable, easy installations.
  • High gain output omni-directional antenna.
  • Up to +6.1 dB gain.
  • R 210 (Incl. VAT)
  • Omni directional 3G & 4G antenna.
  • Works with car signal boosters.
  • Magnet-mount, FME-Female.
  • Most popular car roof antenna.
  • Up to +3.1 dB gain.
  • R 149 R 120