weBoost Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Cars

Better Signal Wherever You Are
weBoost is the most popular cell phone signal booster brand in the world. Produced by Wilson Electronics, they have been making signal boosters since 1999. They were the first to design, build, and supply signal boosters to the USA and are now proudly serving Africa.
  • Works with all South African Service Providers:
weBoost for Vehicles

weBoost Drive AM100-Pro

Buy this model if:
You want to stay connected on the road in remote and urban areas
You want to boost signal for multiple devices in a vehicle
You want to eliminate dropped calls and poor call quality on the road

Stay Connected On The Road

The weBoost Drive AM100-Pro from Wilson Electronics is the most popular car and truck cell phone signal booster we currently offer. Quick and Easy installation.

  • Powerful Signal Booster for Cars, Trucks, Caravans and Boats
  • Boosts 4G LTE and 3G for multiple users in a vehicle.
  • Works for any phone using network providers in Africa
  • Complete kit: all parts included, easy install.
  • Better talk, text & internet guaranteed.

How a weBoost signal boosters work

weBoost cell phone boosters work by pulling in weak signal, boosting it, and then rebroadcasting it inside your area in need.

Signal boosters are made up of a three-part system:

  • 1. The Outside Antenna to capture weak cell signal.
  • 2. The Amplifier to boost the weak signal.
  • 3. The Inside Antenna to rebroadcast the enhanced signal inside your home or car.

How Cell Phone Signal Boosters Works

Outside Signal is Important - Signal Boosters work best when signal outside your home is strong.
In Your Home
In the Office
In Your Vehicle
How a Signal Booster Works in home
1Outside Antenna Pulls in tower Signal
2Signal Booster Boosts the Signal
3Inside Antenna Broadcasts the signal inside the Room