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Zinwave Overview

Zinwave offers cutting-edge technology to meet the ever-increasing demand for reliable in-building wireless connectivity.

No matter what industry or building type you work in, you can’t do business without reliable wireless communications and data connections.

When your employees struggle to get online or waste time managing dropped calls, your customer experience suffers, potentially chipping away at your revenue. Zinwave has the perfect solution to solve all your in-building wireless coverage problems.

Besides, cellular signals were not designed to penetrate walls. Our single hardware layer is super flexible, and as easy to install as WiFi. Zinwave has innovated a simple five-component solution streamlining design, installation, and maintenance. Plus, it is the most reliable system on the market.

Why Choose Zinwave's DAS Solution?

Unparalleled Efficiency in Infrastructure
At Bolton, we understand the complexities and costs associated with deploying a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). That's why our Hybrid DAS solution stands out in the market – it significantly reduces the need for extensive antenna and cabling installations. This streamlined approach not only eases the deployment process but also results in a less intrusive setup, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your premises.
Superior Power, Superior Coverage
Power output is a critical factor in ensuring comprehensive and consistent coverage in DAS solutions. Zinwave sets a new standard by offering Remote/Output units with a robust 25dBm output, a substantial leap from the 16dBm typically offered by competitors. This enhanced power capability means better signal penetration and coverage, ensuring reliable connectivity across your facility.

Key Advantages of Zinwave's DAS:

  • Reduced Infrastructure Needs: Minimize the clutter and costs with fewer antennas and less cabling.
  • Enhanced Power Output: Experience superior coverage and signal strength with 25dBm output units.
  • Streamlined Installation: Our solution simplifies the deployment process, saving time and resources.
  • Consistent and Reliable Coverage: Ensure that every corner of your space has strong and reliable signal reception.

Zinwave's DAS solution not only offers a more efficient and powerful system but also brings practical benefits that make it a superior choice in today's market. Embrace the future of connectivity with Zinwave.

The solution covers every frequency from 150MHz to 5 GHz in one layer of hardware
All mobile frequencies (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G TDD and FDD) in one layer of hardware
PMR, TETRA, DMR, PAGING, P25, all included in same layer
True Multi Operator product with patented leading edge wideband technology

Different DAS Technologies


Passive DAS leverages the existing network signal source, using coaxial cables to amplify and distribute it within a designated area. While many DAS systems incorporate passive components to enhance coverage, a pure passive DAS is the cost-effective and quick deployment choice. For a complete passive DAS solution, explore our WilsonPro installer section. While Zinwave offers passive products, the majority of our product range is dedicated to hybrid and active DAS solutions. For a comprehensive passive DAS solution, we recommend exploring our WilsonPro installer section.


Active DAS components transform radio frequency signals into digital format for transmission through digital cabling, such as Ethernet. This innovation enables extended cable lengths compared to traditional coaxial cables, resulting in enhanced scalability and coverage capabilities. The signal from each carrier is centralized within a base or network unit and subsequently distributed via Ethernet or fiber to various nodes. These nodes can serve as "active" antennas but require individual power sources. For expert installation of Zinwave active DAS components, turn to Bolton Install Pros, your trusted specialists in the field.


Hybrid DAS, the ultimate solution, effortlessly combines active and passive components for superior extended coverage, cost-efficiency, and scalability. Bolton Technical specializes in Zinwave hybrid DAS installation, ensuring you get the best coverage and value. Reach out to us at 011 749 3085 for a complimentary consultation and harness the power of DAS technology.

Zinwave Product Overview

Unitivity 5000 Solution Components

Primary Hub

  • Receives and directs signals from the RF source(s)
  • Converts RF to optical and distributes signal to Remote or Secondary Hubs.
  • Connects up to 8 Remote units, Secondary Hubs

Service Module

  • Provides interface to RF signal source
  • Up to four service modules can be deployed in the Primary Hub
  • Hot swappable

Optical Module

  • Connects fiber links from Primary Hub to Secondary Hubs or Remote Units
  • Up to eight optical modules can be deployed in the Primary Hub
  • Hot swappable

Secondary Hub

  • Adds coverage or extends the reach of the system
  • Connects to Primary Hub via fiber
  • Provides optical and power connections for up to 8 Remote Units, without additional modules

Remote Unit

  • Supports 2G, 3G, 4G, Public Safety as well as 2-way radio simultaneously
  • Unintrusive – mount above ceiling tiles or out of sight locations
  • Mount in any orientation and supplied with plug-in mounting bracket

The Benefits of Ultra-wideband in a Streamlined Deployment

Low total cost of ownership with high long-term value.

150MHz to 5GHz

Up to 80% space savings

17% better energy efficiency

Built-in power supply for fewer parts

Universal mounting bracket for easier installation

Fiber-based delivery for longer runs and fewer roof penetrations

Scalable and easy to adapt for future needs

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