Vredenburg Manor House
Case Study

Vredenburg Manor Cell Phone Signal Booster System


Vredenburg Manor



Installation Type:

In-Building Signal Booster Solution

Property Size:

24,335.86 m²


 WilsonPro A1000

A1000 signal booster kit

Enhancing Cellular Signal Strength at Vredenburg Manor in Somerset West

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Cape Town's surrounding region, Vredenburg Manor embodies the timeless charm of Cape Dutch architecture fused with modern comforts. As a distinguished guest house, Vredenburg Manor offers an unparalleled experience of hospitality and relaxation, catering to both discerning travelers and those seeking a tranquil retreat. Vredenburg Manor offers luxurious accommodation with spacious rooms and cottages equipped with modern amenities. Surrounded by enchanting gardens and an outdoor pool, guests can relax amidst panoramic views. Conveniently located near dining and attractions, the manor provides hiking and wine-tasting activities. With exceptional service from multilingual staff, including bicycle rental and shuttle services, Vredenburg Manor promises a refined escape in the Cape Winelands. 

The Problem

Vredenburg Manor, renowned for its luxurious accommodations and exceptional service in the main Manor and the 6-newly built Cottages on the premises, encountered issues with insufficient cellular signal coverage when their primary solution faltered. Determined to surpass customer expectations and enhance the overall guest experience, they sought a redundancy plan. They sought a solution that not only enhanced the guest experience but also complied with building regulations through expert installation, while also prioritizing discretion - all values that Bolton Technical embodies and is recognized for, reflecting our pride in our products and exceptional support team.

Challenges Faced:

Inadequate Cellular Signal Coverage:  As previously mentioned, Vredenburg Manor sought solutions for their Manor and 6 newly built cottages to enhance cellular signal when their primary systems were offline. Although guests had some signal coverage, it required amplification through boosters. The inadequate cellular signal coverage led to challenges such as dropped calls and sluggish data speeds for guests, affecting their communication and access to essential services and consequently lowering their overall satisfaction.

Aerial View of Vredenburg Manor

The Solution

This project involved a two-step approach wherein we devised a tailored solution for the Manor, alongside a distinct solution designed to provide comprehensive coverage for the newly constructed cottages situated within the estate.

Our proposed solution involved implementing ICASA-type approved WilsonPro A1000 boosters, along with Bolton Technical's accessories, including the Arrow-LPDA outdoor antennas, Yagi-directional antennas, and discreet wall-mount indoor antennas. To meet our client's needs, we've selected the Tri-Band WilsonPro Amplifiers for their robustness, scalability, and standalone functionality, attributed to their renowned modular design, making them an ideal fit for our client's requirements.

Pre-Installation Analysis: A comprehensive pre-installation analysis was completed, uncovering indoor signal readings ranging from -118dBm to -111dBm. Due to the Manor's status as a monument, strict restrictions prevented any wiring modifications, compounded by the formidable 1-meter thick walls and the Manor's location in a vlei, which were the primary factors influencing Management's decision to opt for our solutions.

RF Readings Before

Installation Design for the Manor: The installation design encompasses various areas of the manor, including downstairs rooms, the library, the patio, the swimming pool area, and upstairs rooms. Each area will be equipped with appropriate hardware and antenna configurations to ensure optimal signal coverage. In total to provide adequate coverage we used one Arrow-LPDA outdoor Antenna, one Yagi outdoor Antenna focused on the pool area, two A1000 amplifiers, and eight indoor antennas.

  • Downstairs Rooms and Patio: Panel and dome antennas has been strategically placed to cover the downstairs area, patio, and pool area.
  • Upstairs Rooms: Ceiling-mounted panel antennas will provide discreet coverage without the need for visible conduits or antennas inside the rooms.

 Vredenburg Manor House

Installation Design for the Cottages: Designing the installation for the cottages involved addressing signal distribution across the six newly constructed units with discretion as a priority. Our aim was to ensure comprehensive signal coverage throughout each cottage. The setup included one Arrow-LPDA outdoor antenna, two A1000 amplifiers, and six wall-mount indoor antennas, collectively ensuring sufficient coverage while maintaining a discreet installation.

  • The Arrow-LPDA outdoor antenna was strategically positioned in the center of the cottages to minimize cable runs. The A1000's was placed in the ceiling for discretion.
  • In the cottages one wall-mount indoor antenna was installed in the ceiling above the bed in the centre of the room to ensure optimal cellular signal.


Vredenburg Manor Cottages

The Result

Before our signal solutions were implemented at Vredenburg Manor, signal readings were suboptimal, particularly when their primary solution was offline. Indoor readings varied between -118dBm to -111dBm across different networks. These readings indicated poor cellular signal coverage during downtime, potentially resulting in dropped calls and sluggish data speeds, thereby affecting the overall experience and satisfaction of visitors.

RF Readings After

Through the deployment of our comprehensive signal solutions, featuring ICASA type approved WilsonPro A1000 Boosters and Arrow-LPDA antennas, we successfully amplified signal strength across Vredenburg Manor. Our solutions elevated signal levels from their initial state to within the desired effective range of  -94dBm to -78dBm. This enhancement significantly bolstered cellular connectivity and data speeds, particularly when their primary solution was offline. As a result, visitors could now relish uninterrupted communication and seamless access to online resources throughout their stay.

With our signal solutions in place, visitors at Vredenburg Manor now enjoy consistent and robust cellular coverage across the targeted areas on the premises, ensuring reliability at all times. Whether indoors or outdoors, guests can rely on uninterrupted connectivity for staying connected, accessing information, and conducting business seamlessly. This improvement in signal strength significantly enhances the overall experience for visitors, reinforcing Vredenburg Manor's reputation for delivering exceptional service and ensuring guest satisfaction.