Case Study

Optimizing Operations: TFS Wholesalers' Transformation with Signal Solutions


TFS Wholesalers



Installation Type:

In-Building Signal Booster Solution

Building Size:

26 299 m²

Innovative Cellular Signal Boosting Solution for Wholesaler in Phuthaditjhaba, Free State

Welcome to TFS Wholesalers, the ultimate destination for consumer goods. TFS Wholesalers offers a selection of everyday essentials crafted to redefine daily routines. From dusk till dawn, their products are designed to elevate lifestyles while saving money. TFS Wholesalers prides itself on a diverse range of top-quality goods, spanning groceries, hardware, electronics, and more.

The Problem

The issue at hand was that TFS Wholesalers in Phuthaditjhaba - Free State, lacked coverage within the store premises, particularly in critical areas such as the sales offices, HR offices, management offices, and payroll offices. This deficiency posed significant challenges to the smooth day-to-day operation of the business.

Recognizing the impact of the insufficient signal coverage on their operations, TFS Wholesalers in Phuthaditjhaba reached out to Bolton Technical for a solution. 

Challenges Faced: Addressing TFS Wholesalers' signal coverage issue presented us with several challenges. The team needed to pinpoint the root cause of the poor coverage and customize a solution tailored to the offices while considering technical constraints. 

 The Downstairs and Upstairs Offices

The Solution

Pre-Installation Analysis: Our team of technical experts meticulously conducted a comprehensive site survey to thoroughly understand the specific requirements of the property.

To address the signal coverage issue at TFS Wholesalers, the team implemented a solution aimed at improving cellular signal strength on both 3G and 4G frequencies for their cellular signal. Tailored specifically to enhance signal reception in two key areas of the supermarket: the downstairs offices housing HR offices and management, and the upstairs area dedicated to sales offices. By focusing on these critical locations, we aimed to ensure reliable connectivity for essential operations and communication within the offices.

Installation Design: For the installation design, we proposed and implemented a system featuring two Arrow-LPDA high-gain directional antenna's and two WilsonPro A1000 amplifiers, each equipped with a set of four wall-mount panels. These amplifiers were placed side by side to ensure optimal coverage and signal strength across the required sections of the premises. By carefully positioning the wall-mount panels, we aimed to maximize signal distribution and guarantee sufficient coverage for the offices.



The Result

The installation of our signal-boosting solution is a big step forward in tackling the ongoing signal problems of TFS Wholesalers in Phuthaditjhaba. Through careful placement of The Arrow donor antennas, A1000 amplifiers, and wall-mount panels we've managed to improve signal strength and coverage for both the upstairs and downstairs offices ensuring that staff will have uninterrupted cellular signal.

RF Readings Before

RF Readings After

Our solution's effectiveness is demonstrated by the significant improvement in signal readings. Before installation, signal readings varied between -109dB and -105dB. However, post-installation, readings now range from -90dB to -62dB. Exceeding our customers' expectations.

The substantial improvement in signal strength achieved through this solution will undoubtedly enhance TFS Wholesalers' reliability of communication and operational efficiency. This enhancement underscores our commitment to delivering effective solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, ultimately contributing to their success and productivity.