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Checkers Sixty60 Sasolburg


Checkers Sixty60 Sasolburg



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Corporate Signal Booster Solution

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Signal Booster Solution for Checkers Sixty60 in Sasolburg

Since launching at the end of 2019  in the Western Cape and Gauteng, Checkers has quickly expanded Sixty60 through other provinces in SA and the service is now available nationwide in more than 150 stores.

The response to the service has been exceptional due its rapid speed, ease of use and its innovative and safe solution to having groceries delivered at the touch of a button at the same value for money for which Checkers is renowned.

The Problem

Checkers Sasolburg wanted to take part in the Checkers Sixty60 program, but lacked sufficient signal to launch it. The Checkers Sixty60 program relies on consistent and reliable signal to delivery on its 60 minute promise to customers. Without reliable signal, in store shoppers were unable to get notifications via the checkers app.

Readings before Checkers Sasolberg

The Solution

Our team visited the 4800m2 building and conducted a detailed site-survey including of all the different areas in the Store. A complete survey to locate all usable cell phone towers in the area was performed using a Siretta signal meter. This project required 4 WilsonPro A1000 Amplifiers to provide the needed coverage for the building. 

Back of Shop Network Design: 

Back of Shop Network Design

2 WilsonPro A1000 Cell Phone Signal Boosters were installed to cover the Back end of the store. These boosters were connected to 4 Indoor Panel antennas and 4 Dome antennas using couplers and running Bolton400 low loss coax cable.

Front of Shop Network Design:

front of shop

In the Front section of the store, our team placed 2 WilsonPro A1000 Amplifiers in electric boxes to blend in with the shop aesthetic. The colour of the internal broadcasting antennas were also altered to match the stores colour scheme and help them blend in. The Boosters were connected to 12 indoor panel antennas, to provide the needed coverage in the store.

To capture the external signal, 2 Omni 292 antennas were installed on the roof.


The Results


Area Before After
Indoors -126 dB -45 dB


The results from the installation were highly successful. The solution provided the signal required to officially launch Checkers sixty60 Sasolburg, increasing the top line performance of the store by 20%.

The after-installation readings captured ranged from -45 dBm to -75dBm, with strong, usable voice and data services on all network providers.


"My Team is very happy with the service and solution you have provided."

-Roscoe Muller, Service Delivery Manager - IT Field Services, Shoprite