Case Study

Cellular Signal Booster Solution for Estate in Stellenbosch


L'Olivier Wine & Olive Estate



Installation Type:

In-Building Signal Booster Solution

Property Size:

74000 m²


 WilsonPro A1000

Amplifying Signals and Optimizing Reception

L'Olivier Wine & Olive Estate is a gracious country estate situated in the heart of Stellenbosch's famous Winelands. This beautiful farm is 74 hectares in size and offers the utmost in privacy, relaxation, scenic beauty, and stress-free holiday living. Only 45 minutes from Cape Town, L'Olivier features all the necessary comforts and extravagances the discerning holiday traveler could possibly desire - truly a first-class country retreat.

The Georgian Villa itself features four tastefully furnished luxury bedrooms each offering en-suite bathrooms and panoramic views of the beautiful olive trees and lush vineyards blanketing the Estate.

The Problem

Facing persistent connectivity challenges, L'Olivier Wine and Olive Estate sought assistance from Bolton Technical to address the state of their cellular signal on the Estate. With communication being essential for both operational efficiency and guest satisfaction, the estate recognized the urgent need for a reliable solution to overcome the pervasive issue of poor reception.

L'Olivier pictures of the house

The Solution

Pre-Installation Analysis: Before implementing the cellular signal solution at L'Olivier, Bolton Technical conducted a thorough site survey to assess the unique characteristics of the estate and identify the most effective deployment strategy. The survey involved meticulous analysis of the property's layout, topography, and existing infrastructure to determine optimal antenna placement and signal distribution points.

During the survey, technicians evaluated various factors such as existing cellular signal strength, potential sources of interference, and areas with poor coverage. The analysis revealed readings ranging from -110dBm to -108dBm across the ground floor and first floor.

Installation Design for the Estate: To tackle L'Olivier's cellular signal challenges, our cellular signal experts devised a comprehensive solution utilizing a range of cutting-edge products tailored to the estate's specific needs. The implementation included the installation of The Arrow LPDA Outdoor Antenna, renowned for its exceptional performance in capturing and amplifying cellular signals. This was complemented by the integration of a Lightning Surge Protector to safeguard against potential damage caused by electrical surges.

At the heart of the setup lies two WilsonPro A1000 Amplifier, renowned for its powerful signal-boosting capabilities, ensuring enhanced coverage across the two floors.

To provide seamless indoor coverage, low-profile Dome Indoor Antennas and Indoor Wall-Mount Panel Antennas were strategically placed throughout the estate. Finally, Weatherproof Boxes were utilized to protect sensitive equipment from the elements, ensuring the long-term reliability and performance of the cellular signal solution.

The solution was divided into two sections: the ground floor and the first floor, each requiring its own amplifier and indoor antennas.


Outdoor Solution

 Ground Floor Solution: 

Ground Floor Solution


First Floor Solution:


First Floor Solution

The Result

Before our signal-boosting solutions were implemented at L'Olivier Wine and Olive Estate, signal readings were suboptimal, particularly when their primary solution was offline. Indoor readings varied between -110dBm to -108dBm across different networks. Once the solution was switched on the readings improved significantly between -97dBm to -71 dBm in each targeted area.

 RF Readings Before

RD Readings After

With this comprehensive and meticulous installation, L'Olivier Wine and Olive Estate has resulted in significant enhancements to connectivity and signal strength. Previously suboptimal readings have been substantially improved. With indoor readings now ranging from -97dBm to -71dBm across targeted areas, residents and visitors alike can enjoy clear and reliable communication.