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Case Study

Revolutionizing Underground Parking Connectivity at The Point Shopping Centre


Crest Park and Access Control - The Point Shopping Centre



Installation Type:

In-Building Signal Booster Solution

Building Size:


Enhancing Underground Parking Connectivity in a Nine-Story Building


For over two decades, Crest Parking & Access Control has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions in the parking and access control industry in Cape Town. With a reputation built on quality, reliability, and user-friendliness, Crest has become a go-to source for major car park operators.

The Challenge at The Point:

At the bustling Point shopping centre in Cape Town, a critical issue was lurking beneath the surface. In the underground parking facilities of this nine-story building, poor cellular signal was more than just an inconvenience; it was a barrier to efficient payment transactions and a concern for security communication. Transactions were frequently disrupted, and the lack of signal in the basements posed a significant security risk.

The Ingenious Solution:

Crest Parking & Access Control contacted Bolton Technical whom rose to the challenge with a solution that was both innovative and technically complex. The key to success lay in overcoming the architectural challenges of the building to enhance cellular signal two levels underground.

The team embarked on a meticulous project, running coaxial cables from the top of the nine-story building down to the -2 level. This feat required precision, planning, and a deep understanding of signal transmission.

The solution involved:

  • Installing multiple outdoor donor antennas atop the building, capturing the strongest possible signal.
  • The cables, made of low-loss LMR600 coaxial cable, were then carefully routed through the building's risers, descending from the 9th floor to the first basement.
  • In the first basement, a three-way splitter was deployed, distributing the signal effectively to each amplifier on the different underground basement floors.
  • Strategic positioning of boosters and the utilization of 6db couplers improved signal disbursement and further ensured signal strength and quality.


      Outside Readings:

      Before Readings:

      Basement 1

      Basement Reading 2:

      Basement Reading 3:

      Transformative Results:

      The impact of the installation was transformative. Where once there was poor and non-existent signal, there was now a robust connectivity. The first basement floor, previously plagued with signal issues, now boasted readings of -87 and -88 dBm. The second basement followed suit, with an impressive -90 dBm, a stark contrast to the earlier readings of -105 to -100 dBm. On the third basement floor, which was previously in a deadzone, now boasts -90dBm signal.

      Most importantly, the enhancement in cellular signal had a direct and positive impact on payment processing. Transactions that were once hindered by signal issues were now processed smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, the improved connectivity played a crucial role in bolstering security communications in the basement levels.


      This project at The Point Shopping Centre is a testament to Bolton's commitment to overcoming complex challenges. Their expertise not only resolved a critical operational issue but also significantly improved the security and customer experience in the underground parking facilities. This case study serves as an exemplary model of technical ingenuity and customer-focused problem solving in the parking and access control industry.