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Johnson's Crane Hire Burgersfort

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In-Building Signal Booster Solution

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Cellphone Signal Booster for Johnson's Crane Burgersfort Branch

Johnson Crane Hire is a mobile crane hire company that specialises in of hydraulic and crawler cranes and the largest in Africa. They offer a full range of lifting services and provide complete lifting solutions, including mobile cranes, lift engineering, rigging, heavy transport and other value-added services.

The Problem

Johnson's Crane Hire's Burgersfort had very weak signal. Making and receiving calls inside the office area was nearly impossible, and their LTE data speeds were extremely slow.

The Solution

Our team visited the client's premises and conducted a full site-survey including signal strength analysis of all the different areas in the offices and an area survey to locate the nearest towers.

Based on our findings a high-gain LPDA antenna was installed outside, pointing to a tower 8km away. Due to the poor signal, the best solution for the client was the WilsonPro A1000 that was installed with 3 indoor ceiling mount dome broadcasting antennas.

The Results

The results from this installation was superb. From an absolute dead zone to making and receiving clear, quality calls and greatly improved data speeds.


Area Before After
Office 1 -120dB -93 dB
Open Office and Server Area -122dB -87dB
General Office & Store Room -117dB -102dB


Data Speed Test Before After
Download 2 Mbps  9.75 Mbps
Upload 1.2Mbps 4.92 Mbps





  • The average signal strength on Vodacom went from -119dB to -94db. From not being able to make or receive calls to good quality, clear class.
  • The signal strength improved by an average of 25dB gain; which means their cell phone signal is now 8 times stronger than before!

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-Client Comment, Johnson's Crane Hire Burgersfort