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USN Cell Phone Signal Booster System





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In-Building Signal Booster Solution

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Cellular Connectivity Solutions for Corporate Offices

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The Problem

Bongani Rainmaker Logistics experienced poor voice quality and constant dropped calls for over two years due to their office building being located on the periphery of 3 different cell towers which caused cell phones in the building to continuously connect and disconnect to the different towers. The modern, energy efficient building material of their offices contributed to the poor in-building cell phone signal coverage. The company explored various options to improve the cell phone signal in their office building, however the available solutions were either not financially viable or did not cover all the required mobile network providers.

The Solution

The installation required a detailed site-survey, installation with testing and various system adjustments and as well as post-installation support. A high-range omni-directional antenna was installed to receive cell phone signal from the various cell towers for multiple networks. 

Three WilsonPro A1000 Amplifiers were installed, covering 2 large floors of circa 250m² of the office building. On each floor, 4 dome indoor broadcasting antennas, with radiation patterns of 360 degrees were installed per amplifier to distribute the strong signal throughout the building and eliminate dead-zones.

The Results

    • Cellular signal strength has remarkedly improved. From dead-spots, frequently dropped calls to strong, reliable reception throughout the building.

  • The average Signal strength on Vodacom and Cell C went from -116dB to -80db - An exponential increase in signal strength! The signal went from almost non-existent and weak to strong signal reaching all areas in the offices.

Since the signal booster system was installed, we have not experienced any poor call quality or dropped calls, we now enjoy seamless cell phone signal coverage throughout our offices, this resulted in increased productivity and much less frustration for our staff and clients.

-Maciek Granicki, Chief Technology Officer, Bongani Rainmaker