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In-Building Signal Booster Solution

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In-House Cell Phone Signal Booster System For Bolton Technical

At Bolton Technical, we put our money where our mouth is - by improving our cellular connectivity at our new office with our own signal booster system. Being specialists in the cell phone signal booster market, it is crucial that our office has strong cellular signal, in order to communicate with clients and perform our day to day business functions. 

The Problem

The new warehouse is located in an area with poor cell phone reception pockets. The building is constructed primarily with metal, steel I-beams, and impenetrable cladding on the outside. The surrounding area includes plenty of semi-industrial warehouse space with plenty of metal buildings - which all contributes to poor cell reception.

Many of our clients that contact us on a day to day basis already experience poor cellular signal on their end - thus we needed to ensure we have strong signal available throughout our premises, to give us the best chance of connecting with our clients.

The Solution

Our installation team conducted a full site-survey on our premises to assess the current signal strength for all mobile network operators, which included locating towers for all the major networks. A high-gain omni-directional antenna was installed on the roof that receives signal in a 360° pattern, to ensure we cover all users in the office.

On the upper office floor an omni-directional dome antenna was installed, and two additional panel broadcasting antennas were installed - one in the large open plan warehouse area and another in the lower office reception area. 

The Results

The results from this installation surprised our own office team - From frequent spotty reception and dropped calls to clear, high quality calls and improved data speeds.


Area Before After
Director's Office -108 dBm -81 dBm
Reception Area -114 dBm -76 dBm
Upstairs Office -98 dBm -76 dBm





  • The average signal strength on Vodacom went from -107dBm to -77dBm. 
  • The signal strength improved by an average of 30dB gain; which means our cell phone signal is now 10 times stronger than before!

It's terrific to use our own product to improve cellular communications in the office, and to see the remarkable difference first hand. It also gives our team a confidence boost to recommend our products to clients!

-Jason Gaizley, Bolton Technical South Africa