Dundarach Poultry Farm
Case Study

Boosting Cellular Signal in the Agriculture Industry


Dundarach Poultry Farm



Installation Type:

In-Building Signal Booster Solution

Building Size:

3732 m² 

Enhancing Communication Infrastructure on Farms

Dundarach Poultry Farm is a reputable agricultural enterprise situated in the picturesque district of Paarl, South Africa. Known for its dedication to quality and sustainable farming practices, Dundarach Poultry Farm specializes in the production of high-quality, conventionally farmed eggs. With a strong commitment to excellence, the farm ensures that its products meet the highest standards, providing customers with nutritious and delicious eggs.

Dundarach Poultry Farm

The Problem

Dundarach Poultry Farm faced significant challenges with poor cellular signal strength, particularly within their office areas.

The specific issues included:

Issue Description
Weak Indoor Signal Signal strength inside offices and lounge area was extremely weak, with readings of -121dB and -120dBm, leading to an unreliable connection.
Low Internet Speeds Poor signal resulted in internet speeds of less than 1Mbps, severely impacting communication and operational efficiency.
Lack of Connectivity Absence of a strong and stable indoor signal affected staff's ability to make calls, send messages, and use internet-based applications, causing disruptions.
Geographical Constraints Rural location with obstacles like terrain, buildings, and vegetation hindered capturing a strong external signal from nearby cell towers.
Minimizing Disruption Installation was carefully planned to minimize interference with daily farm operations, ensuring efficient execution.

The Solution

A comprehensive pre-installation analysis was conducted to ensure the successful implementation of the cellular signal boosting solution.

Key steps included assessing signal strength using the Siretta Snyper-LTE Spectrum analyzer to measure existing cellular signal strength both indoors and outdoors. The team then mapped coverage areas needing improved signal, particularly focusing on the office area where reliable communication and internet connectivity were essential. They identified the best cell towers within a 5-10km radius to source the signal from and conducted an environmental and structural assessment to evaluate potential obstacles such as terrain and building materials that could impact signal transmission.

Based on the analysis, the following hardware and accessories were installed:

  • WilsonPro A1000 Boosters: To amplify the weak signal received from cell towers.
  • Arrow LPDA and Omni-292 Antennas: High-gain antennas to capture the best possible signal from distant towers, mitigating issues related to load-shedding and cell tower battery theft.
  • Wall-Mount Panel Antennas: Installed in ceilings for discretion and to evenly distribute the boosted signal within office and accommodation areas.
  • Low-Loss Coaxial Cables: To minimize signal loss during transmission.
  • Lightning Surge Protectors: To protect equipment from electrical surges.
  • Mounting Hardware: For secure installation of antennas and boosters.

The Network Design

 The Installation

              The Result

              The implementation of the WilsonPro A1000 Boosters at Dundarach Poultry Farm successfully addressed the signal strength issues. Bolton Technical's solution not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, providing a reliable and scalable signal boosting infrastructure. This project reinforced Bolton Technical's reputation for delivering quality cellular signal solutions and demonstrated the efficacy of the WilsonPro product range in challenging environments.

              Post-installation, significant improvements were observed:

              The installation successfully achieved a consistent indoor signal strength ranging from -95dBm to -45dBm across all monitored locations. This improvement resulted in a noticeable enhancement in user experience, characterized by improved call quality, no dropped calls, and accelerated internet browsing and data transfer rates.Readings BeforeReadings After

              Future Considerations

              The modular nature of the installed system allows for easy future expansions, ensuring that Dundarach Poultry Farm can adapt to increasing demands for better connectivity. Regular maintenance and potential upgrades will be essential to maintain optimal performance as network technologies evolve.

              Bolton Technical remains committed to providing ongoing support and expertise to ensure sustained satisfaction and performance for Dundarach Poultry Farm.