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In-Building Signal Booster Solution

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Complete Passive DAS Installation for Alpla's NEW Mega Packaging Plant Operation in Lanseria (30000m²) 

Alpla, a fast growing leader in the European packing industry, with its headquarters in Hard, Austria consolidated their South African activities by building a new plant in Lanseria that merged 5 existing sites.

"Concentrating on one plant not only simplifies and optimizes manufacturing processes, but also contributes significantly to improving logistics and transport." said an Alpla SA spokesperson. 

In order to benefit from consolidating 5 different sites, it was critical to ensure that the entire property has strong stable cellular connectivity and communication infrastructure.


The Problem

Alpla experienced very weak cellular signal, with some areas receiving no signal at all. This resulted in the inability to make and receive calls, and their LTE data speeds were extremely slow.

The Solution

Our team visited Altron's 26 000m² warehouse and conducted a full site-survey including signal strength analysis of all the different areas in the warehouse and offices. A complete survey to locate all usable cell phone towers in the area was performed using a Siretta signal meter. One of the biggest challenges was signal penetration into the building -  the layers of concrete obstructed signal from reaching most areas in the building. Our qualified team of working at height (IWH)  installation experts were ready and equipped to take on this enormous task.

Based on our findings, a detailed floor plan layout with detailed heatmaps & coverage estimations were drawn up for the client. 

A total of 4 WilsonPro A1000 Cell Phone Signal Boosters were installed to cover the Ground floor. These boosters were connected to 12 Indoor Panel antennas and 9 Dome antennas using couplers and running Bolton400 low loss coax cable.

On the First floor, 5 WilsonPro A1000 Cell Phone Signal Boosters were installed, connected to Dome antennas for maximum 360 degree coverage in the offices and warehouse space.

On the roof, we installed 3 high-gain LPDA antennas, pointing to the strongest available tower 6km away.

The Results

The results from this installation was highly successful. From an absolute dead zone to making and receiving clear, quality calls and greatly improved data speeds inside the warehouse and office areas.

Area Before After
Indoors -121dB -83 dB


After installation:


  • The average signal strength went from -121dB to -83db. From not being able to make or receive calls to good quality. Calls can now be made and received clearly throughout the facility.
  • The signal strength improved by an average of 35dBi; which means their cell phone signal is now stronger than before!
  • LTE data speeds improved significantly.

It has made a massive difference with connectivity. It is like comparing night and day.


-Brian Rampershad, Warehouse Manager