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Signal Booster Solution for Hungry Lion

In the bustling world of business operations, a dependable internet connection is paramount. Let's introduce you to Hungry Lion, a local establishment in Cape Town. This narrative revolves around their pursuit of a solution for an inconsistent LTE connection at their Parow branch. Bolton Technical, renowned experts in cellular connectivity solutions, took the reins to address this challenge comprehensively. Prepare to delve into their journey toward improved connectivity!

Hustle and Bustle Hungry Lion

The Challenge of Connectivity

Picture a busy eatery, with patrons and staff relying heavily on the internet for operations. This is Hungry Lion Parow Centre. However, a recurring issue arises – their LTE connection isn't consistent, causing disruptions. Recognizing the need for continuous connectivity, Hungry Lion sought a reliable solution to enhance their operations.

Precision in Solution Design and Implementation

Hungry Lion turned to Bolton Technical, experts renowned for their proficiency in connectivity solutions. Bolton's specialised signal expert, Sibs took charge, employing his knowledge to conduct a thorough survey of the situation. His in-depth analysis allowed him to design a precise solution tailored to address the connectivity challenge at hand. Bolton Technical's approach was meticulous – they determined the factors impacting signal quality, and subsequently, designed a plan that involved the integration of a WilsonPro A1000 amplifier, an outdoor LPDA antenna known as "The Arrow," and an indoor wall mount panel broadcasting antenna. This solution aimed not only to enhance the signal strength but also to ensure consistent connectivity, especially during critical scenarios like load shedding.

Conduit was installed along the designated red lines, running parallel to existing conduit routes. A pivotal aspect of our plan involved placing the Donor unit on the rooftop, adjacent to the existing radios and satellite dish. This placement was crucial due to the limitation of coax cable extension to 25 meters, ensuring optimal signal gain and preventing loss. Our strategy prioritized minimal signal loss and our pathway design was aimed at efficiency, ensuring that the signal's strength was preserved from the Donor to the Amplifier. 

Quantifiable Results: Empowering Connectivity

The integration of the tailored solution resulted in a substantial improvement in signal strength. On the Vodacom network, the signal strength soared from a challenging -100dBm to an impressive -46dBm. This significant boost translated into tangible advantages for the establishment. Hungry Lion's staff could process card payments effortlessly, free from the struggles posed by intermittent connectivity. Moreover, the signal's resilience during load shedding remarkably improved, bolstering operational continuity.


In essence, this narrative highlights how Bolton Technical's prowess in solution design and implementation made a meaningful impact on Hungry Lion's Parow branch's connectivity challenge. Through expert surveying, solution design, and meticulous implementation, Bolton Technical enabled the establishment to overcome disruptions and usher in a new era of dependable connectivity. Prepare to witness the transformation from inconsistent LTE connectivity to a smoothly operating digital landscape.

"Thank you Bolton, we noticed a significant improvement in our mobile reception after using your product. Easy setup and excellent customer support. Highly recommended!."

-Jovan Isaacs, ICT Manager, Hungry Lion.