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Cell Signal Solution for Corona Open J-Bay 2023


Corona Open Jbay 2023


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Boosting Apple Watch Signal Reception at Corona Open Jbay: Surfing Scores Go High-Tech!

The 'Corona Open JBay 2023' competition in Jeffreys Bay presented a unique challenge for signal reception during the event. Surfers were required to wear Apple watches to receive live scores from judges on the shore after each wave. However, the Super Tubes terrain at Jeffreys Bay posed a significant obstacle to reliable signal reception. The IT team reached out to us for a solution to enhance signal reception and ensure seamless communication between the surfers and judges. We deployed our cutting-edge signal boosting technology, specifically the WilsonPro A1000 and LPDA-92, to address this challenge.

Jbay Corona Open Cell Phone Signal

The Problem

The main issue faced at the 'Corona Open JBay 2023' competition was the poor signal reception caused by the Super Tubes terrain. The unique topography and the presence of waves and water attenuation made it difficult to establish a reliable and consistent signal link between the surfers and the judges on the shore. This problem jeopardized the real-time scoring system, hindering accurate assessment and timely communication between the participants and the event organizers.

The Solution

To overcome the signal reception challenge, we implemented the WilsonPro A1000 signal booster and utilized 2 x LPDA-92 antennas to establish an optimal signal angle towards the surfers. The WilsonPro A1000 is a high-performance signal booster designed to amplify cellular signals, while the LPDA-92 antennas are specifically engineered to transmit signals with enhanced gain and directional coverage.

By strategically installing the WilsonPro A1000 and the LPDA-92 antennas, we were able to mitigate the signal interference caused by the Super Tubes terrain and optimize signal reception for the Apple watches worn by the surfers. The signal booster effectively amplified the weak signals and transmitted them in a focused direction, improving connectivity and ensuring seamless communication throughout the competition.


The implementation of our signal boosting solution has been a resounding success at the 'Corona Open JBay 2023' competition in Jeffreys Bay. The improved signal reception facilitated real-time scoring updates for the surfers, allowing them to receive immediate feedback from the judges after each wave. The reliable communication channel established by our signal boosting technology has enhanced the overall experience of the event and contributed to the accuracy and efficiency of the scoring system.


By deploying the WilsonPro A1000 signal booster system, we successfully amplified the signals and directed them towards the surfers, overcoming the obstacles posed by the challenging terrain.

We are delighted to have contributed to the success of the event and provided an enhanced experience for both participants and organizers. Our signal boosting technology continues to demonstrate its reliability and effectiveness in challenging environments, ensuring seamless communication in various industries and scenarios.