Case Study

Boosting Cellular Signal at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town


V&A Waterfront



Installation Type:

In-Building Signal Booster Solution

Building Size:

123 Hectares

Amplifying Signal at the V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa, is one of the continent's most visited tourist destinations, attracting millions of visitors annually with its blend of shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural experiences. As a premier mixed-use development, it hosts diverse activities, including retail, dining, hospitality, commercial offices, and residential spaces. Ensuring seamless operations, safety, and convenience for visitors and tenants is paramount for the V&A Waterfront management team.

The V&A Waterfront

The Problem

1. Dock Road Parking: Battery Park, a vital parking facility within the V&A Waterfront precinct, serving numerous visitors and patrons daily. However, a critical issue has arisen on Parking Level 4, where poor cellular signal reception is impeding the functionality of Toyota's app. This app is crucial for loading vehicle details into their database efficiently. Covering an area of 11128.48m², Toyota specifically requires robust 4G LTE frequency to address this issue effectively. Furthermore, the parking facility's subterranean placement adds complexity, as it is submerged underwater.

2. Makers Landing: V&A Waterfront Makers Landing is a bustling culinary destination covering 1,195.07 m² and located at The Cruise Terminal in the V&A Waterfront precinct Offering diverse food experiences on 2 floors, artisanal products, and cultural events. However, despite its popularity and vibrant atmosphere, Makers Landing has been plagued by inadequate cellular signal coverage, impacting communication and connectivity for patrons, vendors, and staff.

3. The Werkmans Site: Located at Silo Square, covering 3,513.02 m² within the V&A Waterfront precinct, is a vital hub for commercial activities, retail operations, and public gatherings. However, the site has been experiencing significant challenges related to cellular signal coverage, impacting communication and connectivity for tenants, visitors, and staff. Despite being situated in a bustling urban area, the Werkmans Site suffers from inadequate cellular signal coverage, leading to dropped calls, slow data speeds, and unreliable connectivity. This issue hampers productivity, disrupts business operations, and diminishes the overall user experience within the site.

Challenges Faced: Tackling the cellular signal coverage shortcomings presented us with numerous hurdles. Our team had to identify the underlying reasons for the inadequate coverage and devise a bespoke solution suited to the parking area's dimensions, construction materials, and technical limitations. With the parking level spanning 200m² and requiring 4G LTE frequency, the added complication of the underwater location further compounded the challenges we faced.

 The Parking Lot P4

The Solution

After conducting thorough assessments at Dock Road Parking, Makers Landing, and the Werkmans Site, the team chose the WilsonPro A1000 amplifier for all three locations.

The WilsonPro A1000 amplifier stands out for its remarkable signal amplification capabilities, making it the optimal choice for addressing poor signal reception at locations like Dock Road Parking, Makers Landing, and the Werkmans Site. Its versatility allows it to support multiple indoor antennas, providing extensive coverage suitable for various environments such as parking facilities, commercial establishments, and public spaces. Additionally, its scalability feature ensures adaptability to potential changes in signal strength requirements or coverage areas, while its ICASA-type approval guarantees compliance with regulatory standards, offering assurance to clients and stakeholders.

1. Dock Road: Furthermore, the Arrow and Omni-directional antennas were strategically installed as donor antennas to optimize signal reception, while Sector antennas were positioned to effectively distribute the cellular signal across Parking Level P4.

2. Makers Landing: The Omni-292 High-Gain Omni-Directional Antenna, along with robust Wall-Mount Panels, was chosen to effectively amplify cellular signal strength across the entirety of Makers Landing.

3. The Werkmans Site: Utilizing the Omni-292 High-Gain Omni-Directional Antenna alongside sturdy Wall-Mount Panels proved to be the optimal solution for enhancing cellular signal strength at the Werkmans Site.

Pre-Installation Analysis: Our team of technical experts meticulously conducted a comprehensive site survey to thoroughly understand the specific requirements of the property.

To address the signal coverage issues across various locations within the V&A Waterfront precinct, our team devised a solution focused on enhancing cellular signal strength across 2G, 3G, and 4G frequencies. Tailored specifically to amplify signal reception in targeted areas, we aimed to guarantee reliable connectivity and eliminate dropped calls at these critical locations.

Makers Landing

The Result

The implementation of our signal-boosting solution represents a significant milestone in resolving the persistent signal challenges experienced throughout the V&A Waterfront Precinct. By strategically deploying The Arrow, Omni-Directional, and Omni-292 donor/outdoor antennas, alongside A1000 amplifiers, Sector, and Wall-Mount Panel indoor/receiver antennas, Bolton Technical has successfully bolstered signal strength and coverage across various precinct locations. This achievement ensures a stable connection and reduces instances of dropped calls, markedly improving user experience and overall connectivity reliability.

The effectiveness of our solution is evidenced by the substantial improvement in signal readings. Pre-installation, signal readings ranged between -104dB and -118dB, whereas post-installation readings now fall between -48dB and -70dB, surpassing our customers' expectations.

This notable enhancement in signal strength will undoubtedly increase communication reliability and operational efficiency across the 3 locations at the V&A Waterfront. It underscores our steadfast commitment to delivering tailored solutions that address the unique needs of our clients, ultimately contributing to their success and productivity.