Stellenpak Plant
Case Study

Stellenpak: A Beacon of Excellence in Fresh Fruit Export





Installation Type:

In-Building Signal Booster Solution

Building Size:

27 930 

Bolstering Efficiency Through Seamless Connectivity 

At Stellenpak, the radiant colors of South African plums and soft citrus thrive under careful handling and expertise. Situated in the heart of the Boland region, Stellenpak embodies a beacon of excellence in the fresh fruit export sector. Catering to around 100 deciduous and citrus producers in the region, Stellenpak delivers a tailored packing and cooling service with an unwavering dedication to quality and efficiency.

The Problem

Stellenpak encountered difficulties with cellular signals inside and outside the plant, a common challenge amplified by geographical location and building materials' impact on signal strength, staff could not make or receive calls whether they were inside or outside. Stellenpak required a solution to ensure a stable and consistent cellular signal on the plant.

Stellenpak Plant

Challenges Faced:

The fluctuating signal consistency posed a substantial risk to their productivity and added to the challenge of conducting business seamlessly. An unstable cellular signal not only jeopardises crucial communication channels but also impacts the overall throughput of all departments and facets of the business. Recognising the critical nature of this dependency, Stellenpak has partnered with Bolton Technical to amplify its current cellular signal, thereby safeguarding the efficiency and precision of our operations.

Aerial View of Plant

The Solution

Approaching the site with open minds, we embarked on a comprehensive analysis of the premises and its surroundings. Our team of technical experts, skilled at tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, applied their innovative prowess to surpass expectations in this instance. While Stellenpak initially proposed a complex solution based on their research, our thorough site survey enabled us to present a more streamlined alternative.

Opting for simplicity over complexity, our solution not only met Stellenpak's requirements but also provided a tidier outcome. By avoiding the need for extensive cabling throughout the plant, we not only enhanced aesthetics but also delivered cost savings for Stellenpak.

Site Survey at the Plant

Pre-Installation Analysis: A thorough pre-installation analysis was conducted, revealing outdoor signal readings ranging from -120dBm to -116dBm, observed outside the packhouse. The presence of a dead zone on a commercial premises poses significant risks and necessitated swift mitigation measures.

RF Reading Results Before


Installation Design: The installation design comprises four separate solutions, surpassing the requested coverage. Each area will be equipped with suitable hardware and antenna configurations to ensure optimal signal coverage for the targeted areas. In total, we proposed our High Gain Omni-292-Directional as our donor antennas, with WilsonPro A1000 amplifiers placed in weather boxes near the High Gain Outdoor Panel (Sector) serving as our receiving antennas.

Installation inside the plant

Installation outside the plant

The Result

The impact of the installation at Stellenpak was transformative. Previously plagued by poor and non-existent signal readings ranging from -120dBm to -116dBm, the implementation of our solutions resulted in a remarkable improvement. Once connected, the signal strength surged to a robust -89 dBm, providing Stellenpak with reliable and consistent connectivity essential for their operations.

RF Reading After

The narrative of Stellenpak's journey highlights the transformative role of innovative partnerships in overcoming operational hurdles. Amidst the challenges posed by inconsistent cellular signal connectivity, Stellenpak found a steadfast ally in Bolton Technical, playing a crucial role in their success story.

Through meticulous analysis, bespoke solutions, and seamless implementation, Bolton Technical's expertise catalysed a remarkable evolution in Stellenpak's connectivity landscape. What was once plagued by poor cellular signal strength emerged as a realm of robust connectivity, empowering every aspect of Stellenpak's operations with newfound efficiency and precision.

As Stellenpak continues to thrive in the competitive realm of fresh fruit export, the partnership with Bolton Technical serves as a silent testament to the transformative power of collaboration and innovation.