System Design
& Installation

Does your building need stronger cell phone signal?

Our local South African team of cell phone signal booster and repeater installers are ready to provide an estimate and help get you the coverage you need.

Our Process

Initial estimate:

We’ll put together an initial estimate based on your building information in less than 48 hours.

Site survey:

If you’d like to move ahead, one of our signal experts will visit the site to confirm our design.

Installation and performance verification:

We’ll schedule a time to come and visit the site and install, commission and test your system.

Over a decade of experience

We've been configuring and installing cellular coverage enhancement systems for over a decade. We know the technology better than anyone. We'll use that knowledge to make sure that your project happens without a hitch.

Nationwide Installation

We have multiple teams of installers around the country. Whether you’re in a rural area or in a dense urban city, our engineers can be on-site within days to solve your coverage problems. We assist with both home and commercial installation.

A focus on lowering costs

A traditional cellular distributed antenna system can cost anywhere from R40 to R80 per square meter. Our solutions come in at a fraction of that cost: as little as R9 to R16 per square meter, depending on building size and type.

No building too complicated

Our team of signal experts has helped hundreds of companies improve signal in buildings, from 3000m² all the way up to up to 50000m². We've designed and installed systems in shopping malls, apartment complexes, hospitals, factories, industrial warehouses, all the way down to small offices and retail stores.

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